South-east of Valkenburg lies the lovely village of Schin op Geul. A place that you should definitely consider the view from Schaesberg or from the cycle of rounds known Keutenberg . A beautiful panoramic view will be your reward .

And who after a visit to the Hermit Dwelling Schaesberg descends below the slope an old Calvary , which is designated by the name of ” the three statuettes . Recently, driving there for a certain period of the year a nostalgic steam train from 1911 back and forth between Schin op Geul and Kerkrade (formerly ‘ million line ).

VVV Zuid-Limburg informs you about departure times, route and ticket sales. Oud- Valkenburg are two castles and Genhoes Schaloen . Besides this last building is the famous Overheempark ‘ Sjloensheim . On the other side of the road offers the nearly 200-acre nature reserve Gerendal ‘ a space of tranquility, flora and fauna. Also in this area to admire the famous orchid garden , full of rare specimens.